Ever had a traumatic head injury or blast, even years ago?

Do you suffer from a variety of the following symptoms?


• Cognitive Dysfunction/ Memory Issues 

• Joint Stiffness/Cold Sensitivity 

• Weight Gain/Loss/Appetite 

• Decreased Libido/Infertility 

• Elevated Cholesterol/Low Red Blood Cells 

• Fatigue/Weakness/Mental Fatigue 

• Headaches/Vertigo 

• Poor Motivation/Mood Issues 

• Decreased Muscle Mass/ Bone Density 

• Stomach Pain/Nausea/ Constipation


Research shows that a year or more after a head injury up to 43% of adults have a GROWTH HORMONE DEFICIENCY! 

These symptoms are common in patients both imme­diately and years after a head injury that damages the pituitary gland, which produces or controls production of crucial hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and even growth hormone! 


From A Patient Several Years Post Head Injury: 

I had severe vertigo…difficulty walking, couldn’t drive and was on several nausea medications… Dr. Ginnan recommended…hyperbaric oxygen therapy, growth hormone replacement and thyroid hormone replacement. These hormones replaced what my body was no longer making due to the head injury…It took about 3 months, but I am thrilled to say that after living 2 ½ years with debilitating vertigo I no longer have any vertigo – I healed… Thank you Dr. Ginnan, Jay and team for helping give me my life back! ” 

- Kara C.

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Insurance Coverage – We are able to help many patients by being in network with most major PPO and some POS Policies, including BCBS, Cigna, Multiplan Policies and Medicare.

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 Compassionately helps patients suffering from symptoms that persist for months to years after head or traumatic brain injuries. We do so by conducting a thorough history and evaluation (including laboratory and imaging tests) to determine not only head injury induced hormone deficiencies, but other causes of your symptoms. 

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