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Now offering telemedicine, Covid-19 CONSULTATIONS, Testing available

Now offering telemedicine, Covid-19 CONSULTATIONS, Testing available

Now offering telemedicine, Covid-19 CONSULTATIONS, Testing available Now offering telemedicine, Covid-19 CONSULTATIONS, Testing available



Advantages of Telemedicine

 In further support of patients and staff health and safety, we are encouraging the use of our new and improved telemedicine platform for new and existing patients. We want to help keep our community as healthy as possible, and we are working hard to offer you high quality care in a safe environment. 

Even though we are all adapting to the current situation, there are many other advantages to utilizing telehealth that can help keep you healthy year-round. 

COVID-19 Consultations, Testing Available. 


Avoid Transportation Challenges:


No need to spend money, time or risk on transportation, or rely on someone for a ride. You can complete a telemedicine visit in any sufficiently private secure location. 


Eliminate Child/Elder Care Issues:


Especially currently, many of us have more responsibilities to care for and protect our family members, and the same is true for our healthcare workers. Eliminate the need to find care for family and avoid bringing them into the practice by participating in telehealth. 


Minimize Exposure and Time

Stay involved with your healthcare and minimize you and your household’s exposure from the safety and comfort of your own home. Spend no time in the physical waiting room or clinic and enjoy more of your valuable time by minimizing wait and travel time. 


No Time Off Work:

 Schedule your telemedicine appointment before/after work, or during a break and avoid having to take time off. You can easily follow the doctor’s instructions, as well as participate in your care using our Electronic Health Records portal, www.talkPHR.com 


Promote Better Health:

 When you have easy access to your providers as often as needed, without the hassle of coming into the practice for office visits, you can have more consistent health management and improvement. 


Telemedicine Accessibility and Coverage:

- Simple Telemedicine Access: So easy a kid could do it (admittedly, our kids are pretty tech savvy these days!) It takes just about two minutes to set up and of course, it meets all HIPAA and PHI requirements.  

- Video Chat Set Up: All you need is secure internet access, a computer with a webcam and microphone, and a private secure location for a one on one video chat with your provider. Please to call (703)938-1421 or "Click" on "Request Telemed Appointment" to set up the appointment time.

- Insurance Coverage: During this time, we are expanding our accepted insurances until otherwise noted in order to help more patients. Most major medical insurances cover telemedicine and some are waiving copays, even deductibles (primarily for COVID-19 related visits, which we are also accepting telemedicine only visits for). 

As information is rapidly evolving, please call us for info about expanded insurances accepted and telemedicine coverage. 

Thank You!

On behalf of our team, thank you for your patronage of our small family owned and operated business. We greatly appreciate your support and the opportunity to continue to offer vital healthcare to our community.